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For same day Despatch"

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Email : customerservice@petwise.com.au

Terms & Conditions

Petwise is a full service national wholesaler to the animal industry in Australia. Below are outlined our terms and conditions with more detailed information included within our account agreements and is only open to wholesale and retail customers ONLY.

1. Order Placement

You can place your orders by the below means and if no order number is supplied we will reference by Petwise with Account initials and the date for hard or verbal copies. In all cases the customer accepts the terms and conditions as outlined below and in any agreements.

2. Order Shipping Times

All orders received by our customer service team

  • Prior to 11am (AEST, Sydney) – Shipped same day
  • After 11am (AEST, Sydney) – Shipped next day
  • Urgent shipments can be arranged – please contact our customer service team
  • Additions to orders– This can be arranged, providing that the order has not been processed within the warehouse system or packed awaiting delivery
  • Cancellations to orders prior to shipping cannot be made unless received in writing. For changes after being processed through the warehouse system, please refer to returns policy.
  • Minimum order value $150 per transaction

3. Credit Card Payments

All credit card orders (Visa or Mastercard) will not be charged a credit card processing fee.

4. Back Orders

Petwise will hold back orders and any backordered items will be shipped with your next order, unless requested earlier and if requested earlier, the item/s will need to meet the minimum order value.

5. Prices

All prices quoted by Petwise are exclusive of GST and freight charges

Freight charges will appear as a separate line on the invoice and will be charged on each order unless prior arrangements have been made. Shipping charges can be quoted through customer service.

Any discounts offered will be included on the invoice and will be agreed on in writing with the customer prior to placement of the order.

Any special pricing on clearance stock will be agreed on with the customer prior to order placement and shipping and these goods will be accepted on a non-return basis unless agreed prior.

6. Delivery and Risk

Delivery times quoted to the customer are estimates only and Petwise shall not be held liable for any late or non-delivered goods by the customer.

If goods are delayed, missing in transit or damaged in transit, please contact the customer service team who will assist with tracking the shipment.

If the customer has organised transport all risk shall pass on to the customer once the goods have been picked up by their nominated carrier.

7. Credit Account Policy

A request for a credit account can be made by contacting the Petwise customer service team at any time and are subject to normal credit approval policy and must remain within agreed terms, otherwise credit account may be withdrawn.

All credit accounts terms are 30 days from invoice or otherwise specified. Orders placed when account is out of terms may result in orders being placed on hold until account is back within terms.

All special pricing will be removed if any credit account is not within agreed terms

8. Returns

Stock that has been price tagged, damaged, is short dated or out of date will not be accepted to be returned.

For product returns to be accepted by Petwise and credited to your account or payment back on to credit card used you need to complete the following steps;

  • (a) CALL or EMAIL or Customer Service team
  • (b) Obtain a RMA (Returned Materials Authorisation) number by contacting customer service.
  • (c) Pack the products safely and include a copy of the invoice
  • (d) Attached the RMA paperwork to the outside of the package

To avoid any confusion do not deduct the value of the claim until a credit note has been issued.

9. Acceptance of goods

The customer shall be deemed to have accepted the goods to be those described, quantity and price ordered unless particulars of any claims are notified to Petwise within 5 working days after the arrival of the goods at place of delivery.

Freight company consignment notes must be signed as proof of delivery.

No claim can be made against goods left without signature if instructed by the customer as proof of delivery will take precedence of goods delivered in full.

10. Property of the goods

Delivery of possession of the goods to the customer is made on the express condition that that the property in the goods shall not pass on to the customer until payment for those goods has been received by Petwise.

11. Force Majeure

Petwise will not be liable, and the customer will not be entitled to cancel any purchase order, for any delay or failure by Petwise to perform its obligations under these terms caused by any event or circumstances beyond Petwise’s reasonable control (including fire, accident, earthquake, flood, drought, crime, war, blockade, civil commotion, strike or labour dispute, shortage of fuel or power or acts or omissions by regulatory authorities)

  • (a) Any description of Products used by Petwise is for identification purposes only and not a description with which the Products must comply.
  • (b) The Customer acknowledges and agrees that any representation or advice given by or on behalf of Petwise (or any of its employees or agents) in respect of the operation or use of a
  • (c) Product is offered for information purposes only and should not be relied upon.

Petwise assumes no obligation or liability whatsoever in respect of any such representation or advice and the Customer acknowledges and agrees that it is responsible for advising its customers or patients about the operation, application, appropriateness and use of the Products.

13. Privacy

These Terms incorporate the Petwise Privacy Policy which may be found at www.petwise.com.au or by contacting the Petwise General Manager on 1300 123 088.

Petwise may, in accordance with its Privacy Policy and any applicable law, collect and hold personal information about the Customer from any source Petwise considers appropriate for the purposes of providing credit to the Customer, including the administration and management of the Customer’s accounts with Petwise; market research; marketing Petwise products and services (or those of its related companies); and any other purpose relating to these Terms. The Customer authorises Petwise to:

  • (a) Disclose the Customer’s personal information to any third party; and
  • (b) Transfer the Customer’s personal information to any country, in connection with any of the purposes set out above.
  • (c) The Customer has a right of access to, and may request correction of, personal information held by Petwise about the Customer.